Statewide Data Conversations

Nearly everyone involved with education could tell you that schools have a significant amount of data when it comes to students and their academic performance. The question is, is all of this information giving every school what it needs to help every child? Based on a series of listening sessions with educators across New York state in 2019 and recent interviews with school leaders, the answer is no.

For all of the data that educators have access to, it is more than challenging for most to quickly and easily access information that enables them to make changes that help students. They want and need access to better data analysis.

Can we do better for the students we serve? The answer is yes.

On April 28, 2022, stakeholders throughout New York state attended a virtual presentation and panel discussion featuring educational, instructional and technology leaders that focused on the data equity and access challenges school districts are facing, and how districts can safely and securely leverage the information that currently exists to help all students succeed.

Materials and resources shared with panel attendees

Information is Power – White Paper
The Power of Visualization – Meet Tableau
Anything But Equitable – Equity
Statewide Data Conversations Project – Testimonials
Video: Equity, Empowerment, Knowledge