Striving to improve diversity, equity and inclusion

BOCES of NYS leaders recognize that there is extensive diversity, equity and inclusion work to be done in our schools and school communities across New York. Read more about the work we are doing to create more diverse, equitable and inclusive educational environments.

About RICs

There are 12 Regional Information Centers (RICs) in New York state, which are organized under the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). Typically, a RIC serves several BOCES within their region. Find a RIC in your area

Central New York (CNY) RIC
Chantal Corbin, RIC Director
Phone: (315) 433-8372
Central New York (CNY) RIC website

Eastern Suffolk (SUFF) RIC
Darlene Roces, RIC Director
Phone: (631) 244-4210
Eastern Suffolk (SUFF) RIC website

EduTech RIC
Kelli Eckdahl, RIC Director
Phone: (315) 332-7321
EduTech RIC website

Greater Southern Tier (GST) RIC
Steve Andrus, RIC Director
Phone: (607) 795-5350, ext. 1702
Greater Southern Tier (GST) RIC website

Lower Hudson (LH) RIC
Kathy Conley, RIC Director
Phone: (914) 592-4203
Lower Hudson (LH) RIC website

Mid Hudson (MH) RIC
Danielle Yeomans, RIC Director
Phone: (845) 255-1450, ext. 1236
Mid Hudson (MH) RIC website

Mohawk (Mo) RIC
Heather Mahoney, RIC Director
Phone: (315) 361-2700
Mohawk (Mo) RIC website

Monroe RIC
Michelle Ryan, RIC Director
Phone: (585) 383-2241
Monroe RIC website

Nassau RIC
Meador Pratt, RIC Director
Phone: (516) 832-2744
Nassau RIC website

Northeastern (NE) RIC
Mike Doughty, Assistant Superintendent
Phone: (518) 464-3950
Sara Gavens, Program Coordinator – RIC Director Support
Phone: (518) 862-5322
Northeastern (NE) RIC website

South Central (SC) RIC
Dan Myers, RIC Director
Phone: (607) 766-3750
South Central (SC) RIC website

Western New York (WNY) RIC
Rosanne Huffcut, RIC Director
Phone: (716) 821-7028
Western New York (WNY) RIC website

RIC Services

RICs offer 21st-century classroom tools to optimize student achievement. Each RIC offers different services from one another and may support different products or vendors for these services. Collaboration on service and software contracts occurs regularly in the following areas:

  • Administrative systems
  • Data analysis, integration and verification
  • Integration of technology
  • Technical support

Visit the RIC One website for more information.