Repository Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Repository

What is the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resource Repository?

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resource Repository is an online database of free, high-quality, research-based, accessible diversity, equity, and inclusion resources developed by and for K-12 educators in New York State.

Who is responsible for the Repository?

This initiative is led by the New York State Education Department in partnership with BOCES of New York State and diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm Tangible Development.

How are materials selected for the Repository?

All materials in the Repository are submitted by educators from around the state. Each submission is reviewed by Tangible Development to select the resources that represent the most promising practices across the state. Tangible Development will provide private feedback directly to all organizations that submit resources.

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Submitting resources

How can I submit resources to the Repository?

We welcome your contribution to the Repository! Please fill out this Google Form to submit your materials, or email All submissions will be reviewed by our team and feedback provided to you once the material has been reviewed. Approved materials will be added to the Repository. Read more here about submitting your resources.

What resources should be submitted?

Please submit materials that your school, district, or organization has developed, and that you give the Resource Repository permission to reproduce. Please do not submit materials that you do not hold the rights to.

Examples of resources that will be helpful are:

  • Policies and plans
  • Examples of how districts are utilizing the CR-S Education Framework
  • Professional learning outlines and/or materials
  • Student and family engagement resources and materials
  • Materials to support DEI committee or advisory councils

What formats do you accept?

The Repository accepts a variety of formats. Through the form, you can submit materials such as video, PDF, slides, and spreadsheets. If you have materials that you cannot submit using the form, please contact

Who should I contact with my questions?

Communications for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resource Repository are being managed by the Capital Region BOCES Communications Service. For any inquiries, please contact