DEI Resource Guide

Submitted by: Brockport Central School District

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About this resource

The Brockport Central School District DEI Resource Guide provides a starting point to finding resources on diversity, equity and inclusion. The resources is part of the ongoing work of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team at the Brockport Central School District. This resources benefits schools and their communities.

The web page will be update routinely.


  • The website’s existence shows a commitment to communicating the importance of DEI work at the district.
  • The language used in the mission and vision statement is focused on elements of Diversity and Equity, through the following language:
    • Diversity: “We meet the needs of a diverse school community by supporting, promoting, and celebrating the diversity of the BCSD School District community”
    • Equity: “We accept all and remove barriers in order to meet the needs of our diverse school community.”
  • The website covers a lot of ground and topics. This provides an avenue for multiple communities to see themselves reflected and represented by the district.
  • The organization of each category into books, articles, websites is helpful for user navigation.

Opportunities for Growth

  • The purpose and mission statement are almost verbatim.
  • There are some minor typos
  • The font size is difficult to read
  • The topic areas used to organize the website cover a lot of topics, however, the language is inconsistent. For example, the labels; “Racial Diversity”; “Ethnic, Cultural, and Religious Diversity”; and “Socio-economic Diversity” focus on the diversity within those categories. But the labels “LGBTQ+” and “Ableism” focus on a group of people (LGBTQ+) and a social inequity (“Ableism).
    • Recommendation to make the labels consistent in their focus by either:
      • Changing LGBTQ+ and Ableism to Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity and People With Diverse Abilities, respectively or label the others by the inequity by changing the labels to Racism, Ethnocentrism, Religious inequities, socio-economic inequities.
  • There is some harmful language present
    • In the “Books for Children” section, the description for the book El Deafo uses “hearing impaired” which is generally seen as offensive within the Deaf community. “Hard of hearing” is more accepted for people with mild to severe hearing loss and “deaf” is suitable for those with profound hearing loss
  • Including content where the text and images are on the website opposed to going to another website or downloading a PDF makes the overall website more accessible, especially to screen readers
  • Links may be hard to differentiate for a screen reader. More context would be helpful because the site has many different links
  • Include more Brockport School District specific materials/events/resources – these resources are good but they don’t connect the community to what the school is specifically doing to integrate this content into their experience with the district.
  • This approach to the website will eventually become cumbersome to stay up to date and swap out content as the world continues to evolve. A more school-specific approach to resources will make the DEI work feel more local and easier to update without doing a lot of research to stay current.

Brockport Central School District

40 Allen Street, Brockport, NY 14420

  • Size of District: 3,197
  • Racial Makeup:
    • White: 89%
    • Hispanic or Latino: 4%
    • Black: 3%
    • Asian: 1%
  • Median Household Income: $57,807
  • Percent Eligible for Free and Reduced-Price Lunch: 28%