BOCES are the premier example of inter-municipal collaboration in New York state. Since its creation more than 70 years ago, local school districts have been able to use BOCES to provide a wide range of educational programs and services through an organizational structure that is a model of shared services. BOCES are able to leverage the strength of multiple school districts and provide a variety of services that, individually, school districts could not provide because the costs would be prohibitive.

The mission of District Superintendents (the leaders of the individual BOCES) is to be vigorous agents for reform, effectively advocating for educational excellence and equity on behalf of all learners in New York state. Doing this requires collaboration and leadership at the regional and state level in partnership with the commissioner of education, the Board of Regents and local school districts.

As members of the BOCES Educational Consortium, District Superintendents advocate for priorities at the regional and state levels to support the over 700 school districts the BOCES of New York State serve. Read more about the BEC’s advocacy priorities below.