Executive Chamber Citation

Whereas, New York State greatly benefits from and owes much of its success to its many prominent educational institutions, and as such, welcomes the opportunity to acknowledge the Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) as they celebrate their 75th anniversary; and

Whereas, BOCES were created in 1948 by the New York State legislature with the purpose of sharing educational services across the region; BOCES collectively serve tens of thousands of students and collaborate with school districts in order to meet the educational needs of all students regardless of age or ability as well as maximize their achievements through relevant programs; and

Whereas, BOCES eliminate barriers to success for students through policies that not only prevent discrimination and bias, but also promote inclusive and equitable practices in schools; a range of services provide students with disabilities and complex medical needs with support and skill-building opportunities to allow them to reach their full potential; and

Whereas, BOCES career and technical education programs are supported by a network of industry professionals who draw on their expertise in order to guide students; through these partnerships, students become qualified within their respective fields, thereby contributing to the state’s skilled workforce and strengthening the the Regional Economic Development Council’s priorities for regional economic success; and

Whereas, by utilizing the shared strength of multiple districts, BOCES provide schools with non-instructional support services, including bus maintenance and transportation, energy cooperatives, and lunch coordination, which both contains costs and allows students to receive the best educational experience possible; and

Whereas, New York State joins with BOCES as they celebrate their 75th anniversary and extends gratitude to their staff, alumni, and students for their continuous and outstanding work;

Now, Therefore, I, Kathy Hochul, Governor of the State of New York, do hereby commemorate the 75th Anniversary of BOCES and applaud them for their contributions towards New York State’s educational excellence.

Kathy Hochul
February 2023