Ensuring fair treatment and opportunity for ALL

Governance resources exemplify how district- and school-level policies and procedures can be codified to support diversity, equity and inclusion.

Eastern Suffolk BOCES Strategic Plan: Aug. 2021 Update

Since 1998, the development and implementation of the Eastern Suffolk BOCES Strategic Plan has been a top priority of the organization. This plan frames DEI as an integral part of the work ESBOCES does on a daily basis, and provides a clear framework for the Director of DEI role.

Regulation 5124R.1 Equity, Inclusivity, and Diversity in Education

This regulation was adopted by Eastern Suffolk BOCES in May 2021. The regulation “outlines the process for achieving educational equity and the elimination of barriers and bias, particularly institutionalized racism and cultural biases, and disparities that limit a student’s chance to graduate high school prepared for college, for a career, and for life.”

Policy 5124 Equity, Inclusivity, and Diversity in Education

This policy was adopted by Eastern Suffolk BOCES as part of its policy manual. The policy establishes the board’s responsibility “to develop the individual and organizational knowledge, attitudes, skills, and practices to create culturally responsive learning and working environments for all students and employees.”