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What is a RIC?

The Regional Information Centers (RICs) are organized under the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES).  Presently, there are 12 Regional Information Centers in New York State, each administratively aligned under a BOCES. Typically, a RIC serves several BOCES within their region, two exceptions are Nassau BOCES and Greater Southern Tier BOCES, which have dedicated RICs. 

Regional Information Centers (RICs) offer 21st century classroom tools to optimize student achievement. Similar to BOCES, RICs are a trusted provider of collaborative services. By regionalizing services, the RICs, in particular, make a wider range of technology skill sets available to school districts. This relationship increases the buying power of a district and promotes consistent technical standards. This cost effective system continues to lighten the burden placed on local taxpayers and has leveled the playing field so that no matter the size of a district, the best resources remain within reach for New York students. 


Services Offered

RICs offer different services from one another and may support different products or vendors for these services. A requirement of all BOCES services is that at least two districts participate in each service. School districts participation in most RIC services is selective. On an annual basis, each school district selects the RIC services that they wish to participate in during the following year. 

The RIC Directors meet formally on a monthly basis to coordinate statewide initiatives and leverage capabilities. RICs sometimes cross contract with one another on behalf of member school districts for services. Collaboration on service and software contracts occurs regularly.

Key Expertise Available Through Your RIC 

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Administrative Systems 

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The Regional Information Centers assist districts in effectively leveraging an array of administrative solutions.  Generally, support includes, but is not limited, to the following:

• Contract Negotiation
• Purchasing Coordination
• Budget Development Assistance
• Implementation Support
• Ongoing Support and Maintenance
• In-district and Regional Training Opportunities


• Student Management Systems
• Financial & Human Resource Systems
• Observation and Appraisal (Educator) Systems
• Special Education Systems
• Cafeteria Management Systems
• Library Automation Systems
• Student Safety Systems
• Broadcast Systems
• Web Site Design Systems
• Facilities & Inventory Systems


 Data Analysis, Integration & Verification

 Image of data on a screen

The Regional Information Centers assist districts in effectively collecting, reporting and analyzing data • NYS Data Warehouse Support
• 3-8 Testing Support
• Regents Scanning
• Benchmark and Local Assessments Support
• Erasure Analysis 
• Data Integration Support
• Data Report Development
• Data Analysis Support
• Network and Inquiry Teams Support


Integration of Technology

image of students at a computer 

In partnership with the BOCES, the Regional Information Centers assist districts in effectively utilizing technology tools to enhance student learning and ensure students graduate college and career ready. 


• Model Schools (Technology Integration Professional Development)
• Guidance / Career Planning Solutions
• Local Assessment Solutions
• E-Learning/Virtual Learning Opportunities
• Mobile Devices PD
• Interactive Whiteboards PD
• Differentiated Instruction Solutions



image of a technical repair 

The Regional Information Centers provide districts with support in evaluating, purchasing, installing and maintaining an array of technologies.  Generally, support includes, but is not limited, to the following:

• Contract Negotiation
• Purchasing Coordination
• Budget Development Assistance
• Implementation Support
• Ongoing Support and Maintenance
• In-district and Regional Training Opportunities

• Network and Telecommunication Support
• Managed IT Support
• E-Mail Support
• Internet Filtering
• Voice Over IP Support
• Managed Wireless Solutions Support
• Mobile Device Management Solutions Support
• Workstation Installation
• Networked Security Systems Support

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