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  1. Four BOCES Receive National Recognition
  2. Legislation Allows Out-of-State Collaboration
  3. OCM BOCES Responds to State Comptroller’s Report on Cost-Effectiveness
  4. Testimony of the BOCES Educational Consortium
  5. New York at a Cross Roads
  6. NYSUT Supports BOCES
  7. BOCES Sharing Helps Save Money
  8. Innovation Page in Statewide Publication
  9. Career Education in National Spotlight
  10. Taxpayer Savings & the BOCES Model
  11. Testimony to Commission on Property Tax Relief
  12. Partnership to Help Improve Student Achievement
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Taxpayer Savings & the BOCES Model

Three Senate Education Committee hearings, presided by Senator Suzie Oppenheimer, were held across the state this October. The first hearing took place on Oct. 2 at Western Suffolk BOCES, the second on Oct. 8 at Erie 1 BOCES Education Campus, and the third on October 13 at Jefferson Lewis BOCES. The hearings were held following the recommendations of the Suozzi and Lundine commissions to reduce taxes. The senator's office focused on town, villages, municipal entities, not-for-profits, foundations, etc. – entities that are not the usual list of educational partners.

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